Patrick Kindig - Poetry

séance dispatch #43

by Patrick Kindig

remember that night

            with the liquor

                        & piano music

                                                i mean

                        the one where i got

            conspicuously sticky

& you offered me

            your shower

                        the one where


                        i kissed my first boy

            in the basement

while you made margaritas



                                                i mean

                        the night you slept

            on the pullout

with me

            the night i woke shirtless

                        at 4am

                                                your hand

                        on my chest

            remember how

you asked me

            to dinner the next day

                        & i went

                                                & you

                        just smiled through it

            through the soup

& the salad

            & the chocolate


                                                & i could see

                        there was a small light

            growing inside you

& i was too afraid

            to tell you

                        the light growing

                                                inside me

                        was different

            & i’m sorry

i’m sorry

            i’m sorry