J.M. Schmidt - Poetry


by J.M. Schmidt

If I can't have a 12'x12' blue tiled hot tub on my deck beneath the redwoods

I at least deserve a jacuzzi tub in my bathroom with a skylight.


If I can't have a jacuzzi tub with a skylight

I need at least a deep bathtub


If not a deep bath tub

I want at least a shower


If not a shower,

at least a sink


If not a sink,

at least a spigot and a hose


If not a spigot and hose

then a nearby source,

like a river or a well


If no nearby source

then I’d desire a sanitized fifty gallon drum

and some kind of water-catch system

and promised rain


If no drum and system, if no rain,

then I guess I could get by with a few gallons


If no gallons,

I suppose I could adjust

to a water bottle.


If no water bottle,

then I'd ask for a sip

of someone else's water.


If no sip, then I would like to be able

to bite the sides of my tongue

to release what saliva is left.


And if no saliva, then

I want to have the presence of mind

to remember the time I floated

in the 12' x 12' tiled hot tub.