Brynne Crawley - Poetry


by Brynne Crawley

Someone once casually stated

Oh, you’re shaped like a pear

and continued to describe

the features that coincided

with the societal coined term

while I stared-

mouth agape, looking ready to bite

into an apple

(which apparently is another acceptable human body shape)

The terms flew while I listened

string bean, pudding-house, lollipop and goblet,

melons as breasts

and a plum-p ass at the base

and suddenly I had the desire

to clear my palette from all the nonsense,

but the questions kept arising

like maybe men feel entitled to a women’s body

because society describes it with clichés

that relate back to a basic human necessity

from shapes to quantifiers

juicy, delicious, tasty

malicious terminology

attempting to classify

objectify and oversimplify

the female body.